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The Competitiveness of Asian and Latin American Cities

Urban Frontiers is pleased to announce the upcoming realse of The Competitiveness of Asian and Latin American Cities editd by Marco Kamiya an Brian Roberts.

This report for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Corporación Andina de Fomento: Latin American Development Bank (CAF) undertaken as a project for Land Equity International began a joint research project early in 2012 to evaluate the competitiveness of Asian and Latin American cities. The research explores the dynamics and nature of the drivers of competitiveness supporting the development of the economies of cities in the two regions. The primary drivers of competitiveness being investigated are the cost of doing business; dynamics of local economies; human capital; strategic infrastructure; responsiveness of economic governance to business needs, and quality of life. The research builds upon previous studies to examine an approach to City Cluster Economic Development (CCED) undertaken by the ADB in 2009-10. Seven large cities in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Korea, Peru, and Vietnam were selected as case studies. CCED applies a standard template to enable comparisons to be made between attributes of city competitiveness. Each case study includes a profile and study of the dynamics of the city’s economy; an evaluation of six economic drivers and 56 attributes of competitiveness; an analysis of industry clusters that will have a crucial role in the development of the economy; an analysis of strategic infrastructure deficiencies for each city and industry cluster, and integrated development assistance packages and projects, some of which the ADB and CAF could fund to enhance the competitiveness of the selected cities’ economies. The report outlines the research approach and findings of the competitiveness of Asian and Latin American cities. The report is undergoing review by ADB and CAF.

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