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Tool Kit for Rapid Economic Assessment, Planning, and Development of Cities in ASIA

This forthcoming book to be published by the Asian Development Bank is tool kit which provides a framework and tools for conducting rapid assessments of city economies to prepare city economic development plans (CEDPs) in Asian cities. An analytical framework is presented, which guides the reader through a series of steps for three analytical and assessment processes. These are designed to prepare economic profiles; evaluate future economic development options and pathways; and prepare strategies, action plans, and prioritize investment activities in support of city economic development. The steps in each process are linked to tools that assist the user in collecting and analysing data and information for a range of studies, and they are also linked to assessment techniques used to prepare a CEDP and related plans. Many of these tools refer to websites where one can find more detailed manuals, guidelines, references, case studies, and video presentations for conducting planning, development, and assessment studies on local economic development. The tool kit includes new qualitative assessment tools developed specifically for use in developing countries. It is intended primarily for use by staff of the Asian Development Bank. However, it is expected to be very useful to government officials, investors, developers, local community leaders, and international development assistance agencies involved in activities designed to support city economic development. The tool kit is not only for economic studies of cities; it can be adapted easily to support studies involving the development of rural and regional economies. Check our website for this forthcoming publication.

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