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Sustainable Development Partnerships for Cities in the Asia-Pacific Region

Client: Asia-Pacific Economic Coorporation (APEC), APEC Secretatiat Singapore

Presented to the APEC secretariet in October 2014, editors Brian Roberts, Michael Lindfield and Florian Steinberg discuss the significant challenges, policies and issues facing cities of APEC member economies. The objectives of this study are to elaborate on examples of best practice sustainable urban management and development, covering strategic infrastructure, government arrangements, innovative practices, economic reforms and collaborative mechanisms between agencies and organisations and networks; showcase how cities leverage on common infrastructure and resources in support of sustainable development; address gaps in urbanization management and urban governance, and recommend policy options that promote and facilitate sustainable economic growth, trade, business development and job creation in cities in the Asia-Pacific region. The study is currently being undertaken as part of the APEC initiatives in establishing an Asia Pacific urbanization partnership.

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