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Guidelines for Writing and Presentation of a Student Research Paper, Dissertation or Thesis

If you are thinking about, or have decided to take the plunge of writing a research paper, dissertaion or thesis, you may find yourself wondering where to start! In preperation for the PhD extention training course to Indonesia Australia scholarship awards, Professor Roberts has developed a step by step guideline for managing this process. Heading to Indonesia in April and November, Brian will be involved in a PhD training course that covers a range of topics including conceptualisation of PhD. topics, formulating a research problem, objectives, outcomes and methodologies, literature review synthesis and analysis, and writing of a PhD, to prepare students before they start their studies in Australia. At the end of the training students present their PhD proposals to the class; these are videoed with feedback provided by instructors on how they can be improved. Instruction is also provided on philosophies underpinning approaches to a PhD, work-life study balance, communications and writing skills and post PhD career development.

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