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UCLG Consultation: Global Agenda for Intermediary Cities | BARCELONA

March saw the Urban Frontiers team head to Barcelona to take part in the UCLG consultation for the global agenda of intermediary cities. The conference involved the collaboration of 35 industry professionals and mayors from around the world who came together to discuss the future of intermediary cities. Facilitated by UCLG staff the consultation was broken into two themes: A Framework and a Narrative.

Conversation over the two days saw the rise of several common themes; sustainability, equality (gender, intergenerational etc.), co-operation, urban - rural linkages and inclusivity. The conference also saw additional emerging themes such as urban autonomy and identity, knowledge management, trust and cynicism management, decentralization and devolution, evaluation and accountability, technology and the future.

From the meetings in Barcelona, the UF team will move forward in formulating a draft template for the UCLG GOLD IV report due to be published later this year. Further updates to come.

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