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Australian Awards PhD Extension Program Topics

April sees the Urban Frontiers team member Brian Roberts, under a contract to Coffey International, in Jakarta teaching a PhD Extension to 23 students coming to Australia who are part of the Australian Awards program funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Featured below is a list of topics taught under the program in the following weeks:

Day 1: What is a PhD. Planning your PhD, Defining a Research Topic and Title for your PhD

Day 2: Research Context, Problem, Questions and Objectives (+ Presentations)

Day 3: Research Theory and Philosophy

Day 4: Reading skills and Literature review

Day 5 Research Ethics and Methodology (+ presentation Research Questions and Literature review)

Day 6: Research and Analysis (fieldwork, note taking, survey, data collection and compilation, statistics) (+ presentation research methods)

Day 7: Writing up your Results and Conclusions, Preparing for PhD and Confirmation and Final Research Seminars (+ presentation research methodology cont.)

Day 8: Housekeeping and PhD time management, work/life balance, stress and crisis management)

Day 9: Presentations 1 research proposal and panel feedback

Day 10: Presentations 2 research proposal and panel feedback

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