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The pressures of rapid population growth and migration; shortages of infrastructures, land, skills and finance to support urban development; inefficient and unresponsive governance systems are giving rise to new challenges for government in managing cities.  Urban management is a term that is widely used to describe the way urban governance systems can address problems that cities encounter. It primarily concerns the administrative and governance systems of cities, and the way these are managed to deliver urban services, in an integrated, coordinated and efficient manner.  It is also concerned with the implementation of a range of urban plans and policies, monitoring and evaluation of urban projects and programs of activities, urban resilience activities, finance, risk and project management.  For cities to be efficient, sustainable and competitive they must have urban management and administrative systems that have high precision, flexibility, excellent efficiency and technologies relevant to the levels of social and economic development.  Urban Frontiers team members and associates have engaged in activities for:


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